Request a customer review

Once a project is complete, customers can leave reviews on their experience working with your business. These will be displayed on your profile and can be great for social proof and advertising your company.

Getting feedback
At the end of a job, the customer will be prompted to give your business a rating in their dashboard as they close out the job.
To request feedback directly from the customer, you can:
  • Ask them to close the posted job OR
  • On your account dashboard, under "Your reviews," copy the link to your business listing and send it to the customer.

Viewing feedback
You'll be notified via e-mail of any ratings and comments you receive.
To view a customer's feedback:
  1. Log in to  your account dashboard.
  2. In the menu bar, select "Reviews."

Feel free to use any reviews and testimonials on your own website. Your business worked hard for the positive reviews, and you're more than welcome to display these on your main website.