Leave a review for your tradie

After your job has been finished, you can leave a review with feedback for your tradie. You can also add a review on a business profile without posting a job. Reviews are public and will appear on their profile.

There are two ways to leave a review for a business:
  • Review the business on their Premium Profile listing in our main directory.  (You can use this process to leave a review for a tradesperson without posting a job.)
  • After closing the job, follow the email prompts to leave a review.
To add a review to the business profile:
  1. Log in using your Service.com.au or Facebook login.
  2. Navigate to the business' profile page.
  3. Click on "Rate & Review."

To leave a review as you close the job:
  1. Close the job
    • Log in to your Dashboard.
    • Under "Your Jobs," find the job you want to close and click on it to select it. 
    • Click on "Actions" in the top right corner.
    • Select "Close Job."
  2. Add your review
    • Click on the business you worked with.
    • Pick a star rating and write a message for the business.
    • Click "Done" at the top right corner of the page.
If you don't wish to leave a review, you can just close the job.  You can also close the job and leave a review at a later time.  An email reminder will go out for you to leave a review.
If you post a review, you'll get an email confirming that your review was received, and the business will also be notified.
If you would like to remove or edit your review after posting, please contact us, and we can help.