Learn about verified businesses

To help you choose the best company for your job, we use a 3-step verification process to award businesses different badges for their profiles.

We strive to provide you with quality reporting on the businesses registered on our platform so you can pick the best provider for your project.
Businesses can earn different badges to display:
  • Next to their name in the directory
  • On their profile
They do this through our strict 3-step verification process. Through this process, we award businesses for more transparency, which, in turn, allows us to rigorously crosscheck their details and reviews.

The different badges include:
     Verified business
    Trusted business
  Recommended business

A recommended business on Service.com.au is the top badge on our site. They have been verified by our team and are considered by us to be the most trusted and reliable.
As a benefit for businesses and customers alike, we encourage providers to get as many badges as possible.
While we can't guarantee the work quality of our providers, you can also use past customer reviews to make an informed decision about a business. It's always in the best interest of our listed businesses to provide the best quality work possible to receive positive reviews and grow their business online.